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Reliability And Quality Marine Services

Rutty & Morris Air Conditioning offers reliable and quality service in the marine and offshore field. We provide industry’s most advanced marine air conditioning systems, water purifiers, marine ice makers, portable coolers, built-in refrigeration, air purifiers, military and commercial ships, tugs and pleasure craft. Our services include custom design, installation, maintenance and repair.

ensure year-round comfort onboard

Rutty & Morris Air Conditioning provides support to meet the needs of ship yards, ship owners, and ship suppliers, to ensure year-round comfort onboard. Equipment is built to withstand the harshest of marine conditions. Systems are designed to meet your specifications along with DNV, ABS, and US Coast Guard. Rutty & Morris Air Conditioning has years of experience in the marine industry providing our services on tugs, ships, offshore platforms and drilling rigs worldwide.

total customization of standard systems

We are available for on-site-surveys, worldwide, on land, air or sea. Our factory trained technicians offers total customization of standard systems to meet your specific needs for marine air conditioning and refrigeration technology. We can provide calculations, designs and drawings drawings, operational manuals, or any other HVAC related items. Call us today for details concerning products and services.