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  • When purchasing a window unit for your home or business, it is important to factor in the size of the room. If you buy too large of a unit, you could be wasting energy and money.

  • When it comes to the right central air conditioning system, the SEER number should be a 13 or higher. If possible try to get an EER number of 11 or higher for the most efficiency. It may cost more at first but save you money in the long way.

  • Regular maintenance on your cooling system can save you big bucks. Change the filters out monthly and have preventative maintenance done on it before the start of the season.

  • Turn off your computer and office equipment to avoid putting out unnecessary heat.

  • Make sure you turn off your lights when not needed to help cool off the room so your AC doesn't need to run more than it needs to.

  • Avoid covering up the vents with furniture or other objects.

  • Replace an old AC system that has a SEER rating of 8 or less. You could end up saving more than the cost of the new system.

  • With a programmable thermostat, you can set the temperature to adjust when you arrive home. Ideally, it should be set to 78 at home and 85 when you're gone.

  • Don't block your AC condenser with shrubs so it has a space to dispose of the heat.

  • Close any air ducts in rooms that aren't being used. Keep the doors in those rooms closed as well.

  • Use less heat in the home by cooking foods on an outside grill. You can also change the setting on your dishwasher to air dry.

  • Add reflective window tinting to your windows to avoid absorbing heat.

  • Reduce your cooling costs up to 30% by planting trees and shrubs around the perimeter.

  • Close drapes on the side that is facing the sun.

  • Install awnings to help reduce heat coming in.

  • Add weather stripping to windows and doors as well as seal any leaks.

  • Install energy efficient ceiling fans in your home to help keep you cooler.

  • Choose lighter colors for the exterior of your home to help lower the heat absorption.

  • Reduce cooling costs by keeping your attic ventilated.

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